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Carter Quality Refinishing

Change the color of your floor or repair damaged, gashed, or dented floors.
Carter Quality Hardwood Flooring, Inc. Refinish Service

Carter Quality Refinish allows you to give your floors a whole new identity. It also repairs damaged areas of your floor to give the finished product a like new feel.

Checkout the full range of official Duraseal colors to get a rough idea of what look you’re going for. Do the same with official Arboritec or Bona finishes. Figure out your sheen level and whether or not you want to try UV cured finish. We are the one and only hardwood flooring company that offers UV curing in the state!

Significant repairs made will require a full refinishing in order to bring them flush and give them the same color.

We offer a 1-year floor warranty on all of our floors. If something goes wrong, we’ve got your back.

Check out the process below!



Estimate cost of the project based on options chosen during your sales consultation

Sanding & Staining

This is where we make the floor smooth and consistent by sanding off worn and damaged layers of wood. Watch your new floor come to life as we stain it your desired color

Deposit & Schedule

When you choose us for your project, we will require a deposit, then we'll get your project on the schedule


Our expert team will lay down up to 3 layers of fresh finish, protecting your floor for years to come


While the sanding usually creates a fair amount of dust, our high-powered vacuum systems will ensure a dust-less experience. Our team will also take dust mitigation actions at every step of the installation process in order to protect your home.

While we can never know exactly what you want, we can offer suggestions during the sales consultation and finishing process based on your preferences. Before we stain your whole floor, we will create a test area for you so you can try a few colors before you choose.

In the meantime, check out Duraseal’s official colors here to get an idea of what you might want to try.

That depends on a lot of factors. The main determinants are your desired finish base, sheen level, and desired cure timeframe.

Finish Base

We use either Water-based finishes or Oil-based finishes. Most floors are finished with a Water-based finish, but Oil-based can be appropriate.

Water and Oil-based finishes differ in two ways; hardness and aged color. Water-based finishes tend to be harder than oil-based. Water-based finishes do not affect the color of the floor over time. Oil-based finishes yellow over time, which can impact the color of your floor depending on its original color.

Sheen Levels

Sheen levels range from Matte (no sheen) to High Gloss (very high sheen). We recommend using Satin (low sheen). Semi-Gloss (medium sheen) can be used but it isn’t as popular.

Desired Cure Timeframe

Curing times vary widely from finish type to finish type. For example, UV Water-based finishes cure instantly, while regular Water-based finishes cure in 4 days.

UV cured finish is cured the second we run our high-powered UV lights over it. This allows you to get back on your floors immediately and back to normal life sooner.

Regular Water-based finish takes 1 day to cure 75%, allowing you to resume normal traffic. It takes additional 3 days to cure the rest of the way. Rugs and furniture can be moved back at this point. All furniture not on rugs should have felt pads applied.

Oil-based finish takes roughly 30 days to fully cure. Need we say more.

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