Here are some tips for keeping your hardwood floors in great shape that we hope you find helpful.

πŸ‘ Wood swells and shrinks depending on moisture (both on the wood and in the air) which can lead to cupping, splitting, and gapping of the wood. One of the best ways to help prevent these issues is to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Also keeping your indoor humidity between 30-50% will help prolong the life of your floors.

πŸ‘ When you have wood floors, some scratches are going to be inevitable, However, others are definitely preventable, and one of the best ways to prevent a lot of scratches is to put furniture pads on the legs of your couches, chairs, tables, beds, etc.

πŸ‘ Refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to extend their life. Over time, they can get dull and scratched. Refinishing them will bring back that new floor look and feel without actually having to get new floors.

πŸ‘ Don’t wait for a big cleaning weekend to remove dirt from your hardwood floors. It becomes like sandpaper underfoot, and that can cause damage to your floors.

πŸ‘ Instead, use a microfiber mop, a terrycloth mop, or a soft broom to sweep it daily. You can also use a vacuum, but make sure it has a hardwood floor tool that’s safe to use or that it has a hardwood floor setting with the beater brush turned off to prevent scratches.

πŸ‘ If you have hardwood floors, you’re going to want to wipe up any wet spots tracked in right away! Regardless of its finish, your floor will quickly lose its luster if exposed to excess water. More serious damage is also possible, including cupping and other problems if not addressed quickly.

πŸ‘ NEVER let water stand on your floor, and NEVER wet-mop sealed floors.

πŸ‘ Always be sure to promptly wipe up any water with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth, starting at the edges of the water and working your way toward the center.


Follow these tips for keeping your hardwood floors in great shape, and you will enjoy them for a lifetime.