What finish type should I choose?

That depends on many factors, specifically the expected floor wear and tear level, color, and timeframe. Our flooring experts will give you their best suggestion during your consultation.

What color should I choose for my floor?

This one is completely up to you! During the estimate process, our flooring experts will explain what colors are available, what colors are trending, and their subjective opinion to help you choose! We know it's not an easy choice and we will do our best to help along the way!

How much dust does a full install, sand, and finish create?

See above answer for installation dust expectations. During the sanding and finishing process, we use high-powered vacuum systems to create a dust-less experience for the duration of the project. As always, we take pride in cleaning up our work areas at the end of each and everyday.

How much dust does an install create?

The installation process will create some dust. We take dust mitigation actions at every step of the process, ensuring dust is contained in the work area for the duration of the project. We also take pride in cleaning up our work areas each and every day.